Classy Canna Curators


Classy Canna was formed to offer upscale, fun and Sophisticated Social Engagements. We not only curate engagements that introduce holistic wellness and healing methods and practices, we also plan various themed experiences, which we believe enhances the overall wellness experience as a whole.


In addition, as a small, budding business, we are committing to supporting other small to mid-sized businesses that are in need of brand representation for in-store product demos, related conference presentations and other sampling events.

With over 20 years each, of corporate experience in HR & Operations, collectively, Classy Canna curators have successfully planned and hosted numerous corporate events in their careers. In addition, we both have embarked on our own personal wellness journeys, through Ganja Yoga, fitness and meditation. We've also consistently planned personal fun and fancy outings for colleagues, friends and family.  


Given the success we've personally achieved in pursuing natural healing practices for common issues such as insomnia, low or depressive moods and menstrual complications, jointly, we felt passionate about curating events for like minded individuals who share a common interest in learning, collaborating and communing, as an ultimate form of healing.  

If you are curious about holistic wellness, are interested in having us plan a unique themed experience for you, need product demo assistance or simply would like to partner with us in some capacity, let us know what you have in mind and we will put together an individual plan proposal that will suit your needs.

Please also join our email group, to follow our progress and to receive updates on upcoming events.