Brittany Russell, Elevated Yoga - CANNABIS YOGA 

Certified Cannabis Yoga Instructor, Brittany, began her love of the movement, through her experience as a dancer. She was first drawn to Yoga for the physical benefits. She wanted to become stronger and more flexible, touch her head all the way to her toes-and all that. As time went on, Brittany’s connection to her practice changed. She started to feel the abundant mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga. This year Brittany trained with Dee Dussault, who is the author of Ganja Yoga and an overall brilliant goddess, at her Ganja Yoga Teacher Training. Brittany is eager to share her knowledge with everyone and guide students through a healing evening of plant and practice! Brittany will be demonstrating Yoga/Stretching & Healing Demonstrations + Technique Sharing + shoulder massage with tennis balls!

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Jaene Leonard, the Compassionate Budtender, believes everyone can benefit from cannabis medicine in some way. She worked as a Budtender and Educator at Harborside Oakland, for five years and enjoys working with those new to cannabis to help demystify cannabis medicine, dispel fears of THC, and inform and empower them with tools for success. Jaene is also an Integrative Restoration (iRest) meditation teacher and has led "Microdosing & Mindfulness” and “Medicate & Meditate” classes and workshops in dispensaries throughout the Bay Area and at private events. iRest is a gentle and restorative guided mindfulness practice which dovetails beautifully with cannabis medicine, promoting feelings of connectedness and compassion. Participants emerge from the practice feeling refreshed and present. Jaene writes regularly for her blog,, and has written articles about cannabis for, HelloMD, and She has been interviewed for Casually Baked, the Potcast, The East Bay Express, High Times, and HerCanna. 



Jazz is a crystal healer, spiritual coach, jeweler, and full spectrum doula. In 2016 she began her work as a healer when she started the journey to heal herself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. In 2017, Jazz founded Queendom Cultivation, an online jewelry and metaphysical boutique that works to bridge the gap between communities of color and alternative healing practices. Through the creation of beautiful crystal jewelry pieces, Jazz found a way to connect with community in a nuanced way that allows for education around different spiritual tools and resources to add to our daily ritual. Now, in addition to creating, Jazz travels the country teaching jewelry making workshops using healing crystals and spreading awareness about healing with the Earth's tools cultivating our best selves through digging deeper into ourselves.


Catalina Antonio, CMT

As a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator, she has been in practice since 2011. Catalina received her certificate from the National Holistic Institute, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology, from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Catalina, has been trained in western and eastern modalities which include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Mayo-fascial release, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Thai, Rocking and Shaking, Reiki, Energy work, Aromatherapy, Prenatal and Postpartum massage. Since we are all unique in how we show up in our mind, body, spirit, and emotions, her work gravitates towards integrating different modalities for each individual's needs, and encourages active participation in discovering and unwinding the stories of our body.


Tiffany Anne, Mozaic + Henna Tattoo Artist, @mozaic_sf 

Traditionally a mosaic is known as small pieces of various colored material put together to fabricate a bigger piece of art as a whole. The explication behind Mozaic is the array of different services offered by Tiffany Anne to fashion one big piece: Mozaic Artistry. Originating with nail art, face painting, and accessory-making to now specializing in the most current services of henna art (and semi permanent makeup), art and creating has always made Tiffany happy since she was young. A self taught henna artist, she has been exploring her henna journey for the past 8 years, starting out adorning her middle school students for fun. Native to the beautiful City of San Francisco, Tiffany has since traveled up and down the Golden State expanding her knowledge and network at Henna Conferences while feeding her heart's passion. She knows that there is still so much to learn and is excited to blaze on the path of artistry and adventure that lies ahead!

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Cin, Sex Educator

Cin is a Sex Educator and a SESA, for Good Vibrations. She’s a Queer Cis Female and a first generation San Francisco native, who comes from immigrant parents. Cin has a passion for generating stimulating conversations around sex positivity, sensuality, sexual health and promoting overall confidence with the topic itself, among individuals, as well as couples. As an independent workshop presenter on all things SEX, Cin’s mission is to provide information about sexual wellness, healthy sexual relationships, self pleasure, and safe sex (not just about contraception). Being in this line of work, Cin has observed how uncomfortable people become around the topic of sex. Her goal is to help make this topic more common, comfortable and for couples to become more confident about what they want in their sexual relationships.


Hammy, Tarot Card Reader & Cannabis Consultant

Hammy is a certified Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Ritualist and Cannabis Consultant. He is a proud/first generation, East Bay QPOC, who was born into a mixed-race household, from Immigrant parents. Already demonstrating several years experience in each one of his crafts, Hammy is constantly on the pursuit of adding knowledge & wisdom, to his personal repertoire. Hammy first began his journey as an intuitive at age 11, but did not actively begin sharing that skill with the public until 2014. In 2012, Hammy began his career in cannabis, where he started as a Budtender and made his way through a litany of different cannabis retail positions. Hammy currently can be found at Blunts + Moore, where he is the Head of Compassion and Community Outreach.



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