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We curate sophisticated social engagements, which enhance the overall wellness experience. Because we understand the importance of considering and fostering wellness in all aspects of our lives, we elevate our guests' well-being by offering themed, celebratory, safe, fun and unique environments and activities.


We believe wellness comes in many forms and that it is not achieved by simply indulging in an occasional spa day, or by attending a fitness or yoga class once a week. It is achieved through laughter, engaging in pleasant and positive actions, sharing uplifting conversations and activities with others, gaining knowledge and by remaining in tune with ourselves and our needs. That's why we offer education on various holistic practices and methods, including how plant medicine aids in wellness, either through the use of cannabis flower, oil or infused goods. 
We've forged relationships with others also within the wellness space who share the same passion for wellness. Our partnerships include: certified cannabis enhanced teachers, crystal healers, certified massage therapists, cannapreneurs, meditation specialists, sexual wellness educators and private chefs/caterers.

Learn more about our desire and unique approach to introducing and improving wellness, by attending our functions and joining our online conversations via social media. 

Thank you for your interest in and support of Classy Canna.