Join us for a Masquerade Affair. Let's explore fantasy and make believe at Classy Canna's Sexy Sativa Soirée. We'll have the option of either wearing a costume and mask, or to rewaken those inner God and Goddesses, by adorning only the finest Black and Gold attire. 

On Saturday, October 26th, at 8pm, we will join at an eloquent and private modern art gallery, in San Francisco. 











Since 2008, OM Edibles has “Treated cannabis as a superfood,” cultivating an extensive line of high quality cannabis-infused edibles, topicals and bath soaks. This all woman owned, award winning company, is the first-ever to hold a State Annual License in California. OM Edibles will be leading a demonstration on one of their signature self-care rituals, utilizing one of their popular infused products. We're proud to say that OM Edibles was the first to become Classy Canna's event sponsor.


Rickett Brewing has started a new revolution in the adult beverage world. Their alcohol free, great tasting beer, wines and champagnes, infused with CBD and THC are the next generation of spirits. “A Higher Standard,” low in carbs and calories, no hangover and amazing full body flavor. Their award winning hand crafted beers and premier coastal wines are infused with California’s finest cannabis. I personally had the pleasure of enjoying my own private tasting of their Pink, THC Champagne and it was delicious!! This 10mg bottle of pink bubbly has a light fruity flavor, with a slight tartness. It left me feeling super chill, relaxed and at peace. We're ecstatic to announce that Rickett is also our event Sponsor. 







Shannelle Stroman, is the Founder of Yoni Adore. She will be joining us as our Yoni Educator. Shannelle's mission is to educate on womb health and self-love. Yoni Adore came to fruition when Shannelle decided to share her amazing Haitian-American lineage, wisdom and cultural traditions that had been passed down to her, as well as many others within her family, for many generations. Shannelle is passionate about helping others develop and work through conscious and subconscious traumas surrounding the Yoni. 







Tara will be our Visual Painter, performing a live painting for us. Tara is inspired daily by anything she finds herself surrounded by, like the explosive colors that California is memorable for, music, animals, children and many other art forms. Tara loves capturing all things that bring good vibes. Her intention is to create meaningful experiences through her art, which makes others feel good. Tara has been apart of exhibitions, such as “Pin Up Show,” in San Diego, “Pancakes and Booze,” in San Francisco, “Chocolate and Art,” SOMA Arts, San Francisco, “Trap Art,” San Francisco and “Raw,” in San Francisco. To experience Tara giving off good vibes through her art, come and see her this Saturday.


Tickets to our Masquerade, includes entry to the afterparty at Tonic, from Midnight to 1:30am.







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